Trail Life USA

Trail Life USA is a Christian Boy Scouting Organization.Boys of all religious beliefs are allowed to join.This organization is an alternative to the Boys Scouts of America, which has chosen not only to allow gay… Read More »Trail Life USA

American Heritage Girls

American Heritage Girls was founded in 1995 to form a Christian Alternative Girl Scout of America.

David H. Pickup

David H. Pickup is a Christian and licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. He currently operates two private psychotherapy practices in Dallas, Texas and Los Angeles, California. He works primarily with men dealing with unwanted same-sex attraction… Read More »David H. Pickup

Richard M. Cohen

Richard M. Cohen began his network television news career at ABC News in 1971 as assistant producer of Issues and Answers and floor producer for ABC News at both 1972 political conventions. He went on to… Read More »Richard M. Cohen