Recommended Books

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Although we may not agree with all the views expressed in these books, we recommend the following as resources for gay Christians and others interested in homosexuality, Christianity, and related topics.

Desires In Conflict

Closing the Closet: Testimonies of Deliverance from Homosexuality

Out of Egypt: One Woman's Journey Out of Lesbianism

Same-Sex Marriage: A Thoughtful Approach to God's Design for Marriage (Thoughtful Response) by Sean McDowell and John Stonestreet

The 10 Commandments of Marriage

Eight Great Ways to honor Your Wife

The Truth About Same-Sex Marriage: 6 Things You Must Know About What's Really at Stake

Homosexual No More - Practical Strategies for Christians Overcoming Homosexuality

The Gay Gospel?: How Pro-Gay Advocates Misread the Bible Paperback

The Right One: How to Successfully Date and Marry the Right Person by Jimmy Evans

Coming Straight Out - Understanding and Healing Homosexuality By: Richard Cohen

Every Man's Battle - By: Stephen Arterburn; Fred Stoeker with Mike Yorkey

Coming Out Straight - By: Richard Cohen, M.A.

Focus on the Family Presents - Bringing Up Boys - By: Dr. James Dobson's