What is MMA Doing?

It is MMA’s goal to unite the faith based communities in order to create greater leverage in corporate America and the political realm.  Our database of contacts retains over 3,000 churches and fellow Christians on issues important to our culture and community.

MMA has supported various Pastors, teachers, businesses and the leaders of the community who have and are standing firm on biblical principles for marriage between one man and one woman.

MMAI has cited and/or took action against companies that promoted unbiblical polices or practices including: Adidas, Hall Mark, Nike, and Target in an effort to convince them to back off promoting the LGBT agenda and the issues that adversely affect our culture.  By entering the fray on behalf of the LGBT community, these corporations are attempting to make the LGBT agenda and accepted and appropriate form of behavior.

Now is the time for the Christian community to stand up and fight back in support of our culture and what is right. In the words of Billy Graham, Christians need to start to care enough to do something, including voting and running for public office.

Religion as a source of values in the public square, which influences social policy, is absolutely legitimate.  America’s constitutional principle of separation of religion and state was never intended to exclude religiously inspired values from the public square nor from  public institutions.  What it meant was that the government could not prescribe adherence to a particular religious sect, nor requires its officers to be of that religion.  Curtailing the expression of religious values in public policy and institutions and replacing them with secular materialism violates the separation of religion and state.  It would paradoxically install a new religion of secularism, thereby purging authentic traditional religious values from social institutions and social policy.  ~ Arthur Goldberg, Co-Director of the Jewish Institute for Global Awareness (JIFGA.org)